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Modern Motifs & Borders
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I would like to introduce my latest cross-stitch design book. Many of the pattern and motifs we adore, have been around for centuries and I love researching ancient decorative arts form around the world.


Inspired by the resurgence in folk art, which is characterized by it’s naive style. I have tried to blend its utilitarian and decorative aesthetic using modern motifs. Simple flower shapes and children playing, along with woodland creatures in clean bold colours create a lively fun aspect cross stitch. Manipulating the motifs sizes has produced a fun aspect to the patterns. Repeating the motif patterns in bands pays homage to the traditional sampler. I particularly like the vivid folksy patterns but I have included some smaller floral arrangements as well.


The essence of this book is to keep it simple with limited colours and shapes, the designs are quick to stitch and easy to use in multiple ways. Use a single design to edge a table cloth or combine your favourite to make your very own sampler.

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