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Ottoman Inspired
(Cat No: BK003 Cross Stitch Motifs)

The Ottoman Empire once stretched from the Persian Gulf to the Adriatic Sea, covering much of Southeast Europe, Western Asia and North Africa. Including modern day Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria, Greece Turkey, Syria, and Egypt. Although founded way back in 1299 it was with the conquest of Constantinople in 1453 that transformed the Ottoman realm into one of the most power empires in history.

It is the inclusion of so many cultures that I feel gives its decorative art and ornamentations such abundance. With Moorish, Persian, and Byzantine influences mixed with European folk art there is a wealth of design to choose from.

In this book I have simply given you a small flavour of what is available. Offering some beautiful repeat patterns and borders using rich jewel colours and wonderful styles evident in Ottoman ornamental art.  They would work brilliantly on cushions, blankets and table linen. You could even use them to adorn the edge of a shirt cuff or other garment.


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