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Easy Cross Stitch (Set)
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Easy Cross Stitch Series 1 - Flowers: I love to design using flowers for inspiration as most of the work is already done, nothing can compare to the wonder of the natural world, the variety of colours and shapes are endless. In this book I have themed the patterns first by colour using different types of flower with a common colour. Then by type with the most popular varieties like roses and lavender, along with some mixed blends. Use them to decorate table cloths, cushions or other household linens. There are smaller designs that could serve well on a greeting card or combine them to make up a lovely sampler.

Easy Cross Stitch Series 2 - Baby: The arrival of a new baby gives us a wonderful excuse to satisfy our cross stitch passions. In this book I have tried to included lots of ideas to help celebrate this very special time. From teddy bears to robots, there are lots of colourful themes to help decorate your little ones nursery. Rockets, boats and dinosaurs for little boys, with princesses and horse drawn carriages for little girls. Use them to make fun greeting cards, patch onto change bags, bed linen even clothing. Or simply create a beautiful sampler to commemorate the happy arrival.

Easy Cross Stitch Series 3 - Food: Food is such a infatuation of mine from cakes to curries I love to fill my home with culinary smells and experiment with flavours. So I have used my passion to create some gastronomic cross stitch delights. Starting with some fruity indulgences, then on to the very French Patisseries, the colours and shapes of which could be works of art on there own, the perfect inspiration for sweet treat samples. What would a cake be without a stimulating coffee or soothing cup of tea? There are also lots of fun food motifs and little chefs, use them on table linen or create some lovely picture to bring a smile to your kitchen.

Easy Cross Stitch Series 4 - Borders: In this collection I have tried to include something to enthuse any ones taste with a variety of borders from strong geometric patterns, to some pretty flower inspired ones. Use them to decorate table cloths, towels and cushions. Why not test your imagination and put them together to produce an original sampler all of your own. I particularly like the bold geometric shapes combined with strong vivid colours, great to stitch and perfect for brightening up any household item you would want to embellish.

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